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Cayman Clear Engine Cover

Strut King
30.00 LBS
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Product Description


Refurbished comes with: Engine cover may have light marks and glass will have light scratches and or blemishes that can only be seen up close.  New gasket, foam and carpet provided.


The Strut King clear engine cover was designed for everyday use without having to worry about scratches or transporting heavy objects ontop.

The transparent window is made of a double-ply 4mm safety glass laminated together for a total of 9mm in thickness, overall this provides a slight reduction in sound and allows for weight support ontop. (Maximum supported weight: 200 lbs)

Supporting the window is a cast aluminum outer shell that is powdercoated in a matte black finish. The cover is finished off with a carpetted section that is color matched in the 9 available interior colors that have been offered for the Cayman.

What's Included

Each engine cover package includes:
1x clear engine cover 
1x color matched carpet (standard color shipped is black, for other color options please contact us.  Will take an additional week to order a different color)
1x foam carpet support


Technical Specs


  • Cover - cast aluminum alloy with black powdercoat finish
  • Glass - double layer 4mm safety glass

25 lbs


Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is the engine cover? 
The engine cover is able to withstand at least 200 lbs of supported weight on the glass.

Will cabin noise increase?
In our tests with a sound meter and a stock Cayman S, the sound levels in the cabin was equal to or less than with the original carpet and foam covering.

Will the interior get hotter? 
When the vehicle is in operation the glass will remain cool to the touch and won't heat up due to the air circulation in the engine bay. However, after the vehicle is shut off the glass will heat up from the engine bay and transfer some heat into the cabin. The extra heat is not significant and is similar to having the vehicle parked outside on a sunny day. This is easily overcome once the vehicle is started back up and air conditioning used.

Can I transport anything ontop of the engine cover?
The glass will support up to 200 lbs of weight.

What happens if the glass breaks?
The glass is a laminated safety glass, similar to that of the side windows of a passenger vehicle. When the glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces and will be held in place by the laminate material that holds the two 4mm panes together.

How easy is it to install? Will there have to be any modifications?
The engine cover uses the same 5 mounting points of the OEM aluminum cover and uses the OEM bolts. Installation is simple and straight forward, simply remove the OEM carpet/foam and OEM aluminum cover and replace with the Strut King clear engine cover & carpet/foam pieces.

Will the glass from the engine cover reflect back onto the rear windshield causing a reflection?
No the rear windshield is angled in such a way that it will not reflect back the engine cover or anything placed ontop of it. If LED lighting is installed it will not reflect back at night either.

Will the underside of the glass get wet when it rains?
The underside will not get wet in the rain; however, there may be condensation built up in colder temperatures and if the weather is foggy.



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Product Reviews

  1. Amazingly quiet!

    Posted by Lowrider on 22nd May 2012

    I always was drawn to the Porsche Cayman due to the Mid-Engine design.

    I did my research and I had to have the Strut King Clear cover, because it looks like a genuine Posrche option and it is amazingly quiet (minimal to no engine sounds.

    I've shown my car at several car shows and it is a real attention getter.

  2. Beautiful Functional and quiet

    Posted by kevsmachine on 20th Jan 2012

    This cover was a breeze to install. After doing more work on the car I made a carbon fiber cover to replace the carpet piece. Love this product.

  3. Love the cover and the potato chips

    Posted by Matt on 5th Dec 2011

    It's best, but the chips are even better!

  4. Good but.....

    Posted by Mark Chiappetta on 3rd Jun 2010

    Entire kit is great except for one part......the black carpeting faded incredibly quickly.

  5. Cayman Clear engine cover

    Posted by Cheng Lee on 31st Jan 2010

    This is absolutely the best engine cover for the Porsche Cayman. It is safe from engine fumes, and allows less heat into the cabin, and less noisy than other covers. Install is very easy.

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